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You Need A Partner In Crime

Laverne & Shirley.  Thelma and Louise. Lucy and Ethel. Oprah and Gayle.

Famous best friends who are literally are a tiny gang of two. There is something about having a good girlfriend. Somebody who has your back like a well-made European bra. Somebody holds you together when you are ready to lose it like a fresh new pair of Spanx . There’s something to be said about that one good girlfriend you can call and no matter what you say…she won’t gasp and clutch her pearls. She will wipe your tears and tell you when you’re wrong. Do you have one of those girlfriends? I know I ask that question a lot on this blog but the truth is, I wouldn’t keep asking if I didn’t keep meeting women who are trying to get through this thing called life without at least one good girlfriend. It saddens me when I meet a woman who doesn’t have a support system.  Every woman needs someone who will sit there and listen to their dreams and tell them “No, it’s not crazy. As a matter fact, did you think about also doing….”

So do you have that good girlfriend? If you don’t, find one. If you aren’t sure, take a look at your existing relationships and nurture them. Make sure that you have somebody who you can turn to in your time of need and despair but also celebrate with in your time of joy and happiness. 

With love,

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