Work Your Package Speaking

What conference and workshop attendees say about Ayanna…

A natural way of speaking with interesting content. Keeps things upbeat and humorous. Authentic and able to very succinctly formulate her message. Touching, authentic, and inspiring. Provides a down-to-earth reality check. An exceptional speaker, very motivational, and full of useful content. 

“She is a woman that can help walk one through the seen and unseen trials of life by just being herself. She has a keen sense of knowing and feeling out her crowd which leads to her adapting what can and should be shared and to what extent. She knows how to be relatable, all the while coaching and building.” ~ Jasmine Peter, Senior Financial and Project Manager, US

“I attended Executive Secretary LIVE in London recently, and Ayanna was one of the line-up of speakers who were all leaders in their field. Her presentation was powerful, uplifting, funny and poignant. The audience was moved to laughter and tears and she was authentic and brave. I came away feeling empowered to up my game and work my package.” ~ Dinah Liversidge, Speaker, Independent Celebrant, Mentor, Writer, Swansea, United Kingdom

“I was super, super impressed with Ayanna’s presentation. It went straight to my heart. I could give lots and lots of little compliments but the big compliment is that it went straight to my heart. It was a well-delivered, clear message, completely authentic and sincere. I think it was something that of a lot us women needed to hear.” ~ Cathy van Mastrigt, Executive Assistant to CEO, Germany

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