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Work Your Package™ – Wisdom

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Work Your Package™ doesn’t just apply to your outward appearance. It’s how you manage your life and everything in it…home, work, health, family  and relationships. It’s how you navigate turbulence when things don’t go as planned. It’s how you pay it forward when you have overcome an obstacle.  Regardless of what you think you may be lacking, you already have what you need to be extraordinary. There’s only one you and only you can deliver the gift you were put on this earth to give to others. Stop thinking you aren’t enough or too much. Get up, get moving and Work Your Package™.

Wisdom—Intuition, a gut feeling, a hunch…all part of your wisdom at work. Listen to it…it will not steer you wrong.

My brother and I call it the little birdie. The little voice that pops into your head when you are a millisecond from making a decision to either go left or right. It shows up when you are contemplating taking the local streets or getting on the highway only to find out there was a massive traffic jam on your route home. It shows up when you are ready to overextend yourself by saying yes when you know you must say no.

The little birdie is not some cosmic, new age way of thinking. It is your gut at work based on an accumulation years of experience and making mistakes. Nothing irritates me more than to hear someone say, “I don’t know why I keep making such bad choices.” Really? Please ask me because I’ll tell you. You keep making bad choices because you won’t listen to the little birdie sitting on your shoulder squawking and begging you not to go down the same road again. History repeats itself because you are listening to ill-equipped external counsel. TRUST YOURSELF. I don’t want to hear “But Ayanna, I just don’t trust myself to make the right decision.” I call shenanigans on that way of thinking. When you are faced with a decision your first instinct is usually the one you come back to even if it takes you a month to make a final decision.



Adapted from “Work Your Package—A Guide to Being the Total Package” by Ayanna Castro
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