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Work Your Package™ – Outstanding!

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Welcome to Work Your Package™ Wednesday!

Work Your Package™ doesn’t just apply to your outward appearance. It’s how you manage your life and everything in it…home, work, health, family  and relationships. It’s how you navigate turbulence when things don’t go as planned. It’s how you pay it forward when you have overcome an obstacle.  Regardless of what you think you may be lacking, you already have what you need to be extraordinary. There’s only one you and only you can deliver the gift you were put on this earth to give to others. Stop thinking you aren’t enough or too much. Get up, get moving and Work Your Package™.

Outstanding— When you recognize your talent, you can attain outstanding  results if you refuse to quit.

My mind has been on finishing my book lately. As a matter of fact, I write every chance I get. I carry a notebook with me to capture scenes or dialog between the characters or details about a location that I want to research. As of last night, my book is 145 pages and has 37,335 words. Did I mention I started writing this book eight years ago? I can hear you asking, “Why is it taking you so long to write the book?” Well, I was afraid to share it. Quite frankly I didn’t think anyone would like it. I took a huge leap of faith to let my husband and two very dear friends read a draft and was giddy with joy when they said they not only thought the book was good, they wanted to read more chapters.  According to The Write One blog, I have the qualities of a good writer: patience, attention to detail, good listener/observer, avid reader and a vivid imagination.  I’m lacking on the patience (with myself), but everything else is pretty accurate.  I continue to write because I recognize that while writing for myself is nice and therapeutic, sharing that talent is what I should be doing.  Whether my book ends up on the best sellers list or a free download from Google, I will have shared a piece of myself with world.  My desire to finish the book does not allow me to say, ‘Forget it, I’m not writing this book anymore.’

Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do to be outstanding.

Adapted from “Work Your Package—A Guide to Being the Total Package” by Ayanna Castro
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