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Work Your Package™ – Extraordinary

Work Your Package logo_v9Extraordinary—You already have what you need inside of you. Don’t let anything stop you from being an even better version of yourself.

The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little “extra”. So many people believe that they have to go out and get something else in order to be extraordinary. You were born to be extraordinary. There is no one on earth like you. No one. I’ve said it before but it I need to repeat it. Hundreds of basketballs players, only one Michael Jordan. Hundreds of pro golfers, only one Tiger Woods. Dozens of talk show hosts, only one Oprah. A hundred or so billionaires, but only one Bill Gates. Yes, there will be people out that there who share the same talent, but no one will be able to deliver it the way you do. When I spoke about my Work Your Package™ message in a room full of ambitious, talented women, not once did I worry about someone “stealing” my idea. Why? Because no one in that room had the life experience I had to fully and authentically bring that message to the masses. Don’t be discouraged because you see someone doing what you want to do. There is room for you to share your story, your message, your products, your talents and your gifts.

What’s stopping you from being extraordinary? Is it the negative self-talk you replay in your mind when you want to try something new? Is it the toxic relationships that are bleeding you dry emotionally? Acknowledge what you uniquely offer the world and embrace it. Embrace that fact that you already have what you need inside of you to be extraordinary.


Adapted from “Work Your Package—A Guide to Being the Total Package” by Ayanna Castro
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