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Willpower vs A Plan

I’ve been telling myself for years that if I just had some willpower I would be able to lose weight and keep it off. I think willpower is an overrated myth. It doesn’t exist. You can have all the willpower in the world but if you don’t work towards the goal you have in mind, then it’s just a wish. Willpower is not going to help me lost weight. A clear plan and determination to put my needs before taking care of everyone else will. I don’t claim to be an expert on weight loss but I know what works for me because I’ve done it before. I also know that when I allow people to take up valuable real estate on my schedule and in my thoughts…Ayanna gets pushed further to the side. Willpower will not finish the book I’ve started or start the book I need to write. Scheduling time to write will. Setting incremental goals will.

When I decided to take the certification exam for Certified Administrative Professional with an Organizational Management specialty (CAP-OM) administered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), it wasn’t willpower that helped me pass the exam with flying colors. It was a plan to study a certain amount of chapters, for a defined length of time on particular days. I followed that plan for five months. The end result was receiving a professional certification that shows my employer and my peers that I’m serious about my profession.

Willpower without a plan, in my opinion, leads to disappointment. A plan supported by willpower equals success. Same ingredients added in a different order yields different results.

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