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Who Is On Your Team?



After two years of thinking that I was a reincarnation of Superwoman and could plan an annual conference all myself, I finally took the advice of some very smart people and formed a planning committee for the 3rd annual Work Your Package Women’s Conference. Before I asked people to be on the committee, I thought about who had given me not just encouraging words, but helpful suggestions and constructive criticism as well. I know for certain that I didn’t want a bunch of bobble heads. I wanted people who had a particular set of talents and skills and have displayed them consistently with positive results. While they have various educational and professional backgrounds, they all have one thing in common…They want nothing but the BEST FOR ME and expect nothing but EXCELLENCE FROM ME.

Who is on your team? Do you have people who are going to challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone and force you to leave mediocrity at the door? Do you have people who see potential pitfalls and come up with a plan to help you avoid them? Do they correct you when you are wrong AND defend you when you are right? I’m thankful to have a team that not only believes in me, but believes in my brand. They are my brand ambassadors and tell other people about Work Your Package. They aren’t keeping score on how many times they have given me advice that would have cost me $$$ if I had asked someone else. They aren’t looking for public acknowledgment and accolades because they already know they are awesome. They save me from the trap of being a legend in my own mind (Inside joke…5 meals in 48 hours). My team, like a well-made, European bra, has my back, front and side. Do you have that type of support?

Whether you are new in your career or a seasoned professional, everyone needs support. Yes, yes…I know, you are already fabulous. But why not surround yourself with a team of people who believe in you and push you to be extraordinary?


With love,

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