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When Your Dreams Don’t Scare You


I’ve heard this a dozen times, if not more, at various conferences I’ve attended throughout the years. And while I’m sure the speakers mean well and they say it because it’s catchy or to motivate attendees to stretch beyond their comfort zone, I often wonder if it does more harm than good. It makes the assumption that if you aren’t scared of your dream, then it’s not worth having. Not every dream will scare you. And if it doesn’t, whose to say that it’s not big enough? Let’s face it, not everyone has dreams of being a billionaire and a CEO. Some people dream of getting an advanced degree so that they can pursue their dream of serving the community as an elected official. Some people dream of saving money to take their love ones on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. For those people, their dream is big and it may not necessarily scare them. Does it mean it’s not big enough? Absolutely not.

Ignore the “dream shamers” and keep pursuing your dreams whether they scare you are not. Uncertainty about the unknown can cause anxiety but do not let your dreams scare you. Let them exhilarate you and propel you towards being extraordinary.

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