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Unexpected Inspiration

Writing has become very cathartic for me. I don’t have to explain to the keys on my laptop why my fingers are moving furiously. The keys don’t ask me if I’m mad or upset. They don’t wonder why I’m pecking away at an ungodly hour or first thing in the morning. The keys don’t care how I’m feeling and I don’t have to offer any explanation. I like that. I like when I get inspiration to write, whether a blog post or a chapter (page, paragraph or sentence) for my book. My inspiration to write often comes from unexpected sources. A quote that I’ve read or a song that I’ve heard will cause me to think and reflect on the best ways to express my emotions in a way that is comprehensible and somewhat logical. I find that I’m most inspired when someone who has taken the time to read something that I’ve written also take the time to give me constructive and encouraging feedback. Everyone loves to get a compliment, but it wasn’t the compliment that inspired me. It was the identification of my character within my writing. Writing a book can be challenging but getting unexpected inspiration makes the journey worthwhile.

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