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Thou Shall Not Alter Thyself For Applause


When I started writing this blog I thought I had to have a certain niche or gimmick to keep people interested. I was afraid to speak the truth in fear that I might upset someone or alienate some readers or even heaven forbid get a negative comment. Let’s just pause right there. Repeat after me…Thou shall not alter thyself for applause. Thou shall not wait for validation from others. Thou shall not internalize someone else’s insecurity and make it your own.

If you are round stop letting people tell you that you are square. Stop apologizing for your journey. Stop explaining your dreams. Stop expecting people to understand the nuances of all the aspects your life. The people who “get” you and support you 1000% do not need convincing…and they will give you a standing round of applause without prompting. They will applaud your efforts whether you are temporary in the gutter or brilliantly shining while covered in glitter. Do you want applause based on a fabricated notion of what others think you should be or who you were destined to be? The authentic you is a heck of a lot better than the fake you. It’s why I’m so damn transparent. It’s why I share my failures along with my successes. Altering who you are to fit certain audiences will lead to misery and confusion. You deserve better…

With love,

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