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Team Too Much

Some believe that telling someone they are “too much” is an insult. The funny thing is, those same people will criticize you for not being “enough”. Fortunately, the women I know, love and admire not only take it as a compliment, but it also fuels them to be and do even more. When someone tells you that you are “too much”, it usually comes from a place of insecurity and maybe even jealousy. If you are the one at work that everyone calls on to lead a major project, get things back on track, or create a streamlined process, do you do what was asked or do you take it to the next level? You just don’t lead the project, you also inspire the people who begrudgingly are on the team because they were voluntold to be there. Now, they look forward to working with you. You don’t just get things back on track, you find out how it got off track in the first place to find the root cause so that it doesn’t happen again. You don’t just streamline an archaic process, you elevate it into a company-wide initiative. Do you see where I’m going? When you operate in excellence, you will be too much for people who are quite complacent with mediocrity. And guess what? That’s okay. Team Too Much is where I live and thrive. I’m motivated by other women who think the status quo was made to be challenged and questioned. How about you? Are you Team Too Much or okay with being just enough? If you know you are part of the team, we have t-shirts.

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