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Stepping Forward When the Path Isn’t Clear

There have been a few times in my life when I’ve stepped forward and had absolutely no idea where my decision would lead. Choosing an undergraduate major of Deviant Behavior and Social Control (I know…a degree in WHAT?) was supposed to lead me down the career path of law enforcement, specifically towards the career of a correction officer. Well if you read the About Me page, you know that didn’t happen. Instead that degree led me to a career that best fits me and my personality (for now). Being an administrative professional is difficult because people always ask, “Well what are you going to do next?” Let me ask you this, do people ask doctors or attorneys that question? So why would anyone think that being an administrative professional is an accidental career option? Sorry, that’s just my personal rant, on to my point of stepping forward when the path isn’t clear.

Taking the first step when a plan has not been clearly defined is scary and downright terrifying. But it can also be exhilarating. I said yes to participate in the inaugural issue of the Fearless With A Purpose magazine for two reasons, to support a good friend and to push myself out of my comfort zone (thank you Executive Board). I had no idea where the path would take me but it has been interesting to say the least. I have more confidence to speak my truth. I found the confidence to start this blog. I found the courage to tell other people that I want to share my message of Work Your Package through speaking engagements. Saying yes to one thing has produced multiple lessons and blessings.

By no means am I saying that you should just go blindly through life without any direction or thought. But when faced with a decision of which neither choice can hurt you or anyone you love physically, emotionally or financially, don’t always go with the obvious choice. Your path won’t always be clear but taking a small step forward in unknown territory is a heck of a lot better than just standing still.

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