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Start. Stop. Continue.


As you go into 2016 there are 3 words I would like for you to remember…Start. Stop. Continue.

Start doing the things that you’ve been thinking about but haven’t put into action. Do the things that take you further down the road on your journey to becoming extraordinary. Go ahead and write that book. Take that extra class. Get the certification. Declutter your house. Say “yes” to the one in a lifetime opportunities. Finally have that difficult conversation that you know that you need to have. Take time for yourself.

Stop doing the things that aren’t feeding you nutritionally, spiritually or emotionally. Just stop. Stop doing the things that hold you back from doing the things that you want and need to do. Stop holding on to toxic relationships. Stop allowing people to use you as an emotional dumping ground. Stop telling yourself you can’t do something.

Continue to do the things that make you happy. Continue to do the things that make you smile from the inside. Continue to do the things that make your creative heart happy and make your eyes twinkle. Continue to do the things that contribute to making other people lives better. Continue doing the things that you know you were created to do.

What will you Start…Stop…Continue?

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Start. Stop. Continue.

  1. Well received and applied to my daily living. Blessings continually to your success and nurturing spirit.

  2. Thank you Susan!

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