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Progress in the Midst of Mess

There have been plenty of times when I’ve said to no one in particular, “This whole project and go to hell in a handbasket.” Then I think about what I accomplished that day, that week, and over the past month. I think about what my whiteboard looked like at the beginning of the project. I took a picture of my whiteboard once and sent it to my husband. He said, “Oh, is this for next month?” I had a huge belly laugh and told him that it was all for the following week. The face he made was like he wanted to clutch his pearls. His reaction let me know that I am a badass when it comes to getting the seemingly impossible done.

Honey, don’t beat yourself up because you are not where you think you should be at the moment. Don’t beat yourself up because you know you might be a little bit behind your deadline. This is for my fellow Type A folks, it’s okay to give yourself just a little bit of leeway and say, “You know what, I’m not where I was and it’s not going to be as long as it has been.” If you are nervous because it is your time to tackle a task, it might be scary, but I believe you are up to the challenge and will learn from it. Believe that you are worth everything your heart desires. Believe that you are worth every good thing that comes your way. Nothing that comes your way is by accident. Everything that comes to you is for a purpose, and is either a lesson or a blessing.

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