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Problem: The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing and the right hand is pissed that the left didn’t just “know” what was going on.

I’ve been told that I talk too much. That’s probably why I started a blog, so I can say all the things that are still on my mind at the end of the day. Did you know that the average woman speaks up to 25,000 words per day? Me neither. But here’s the thing, if we are using so many words, why do we communicate so poorly?  We make assumptions that other people just “know” what we are saying without clearly defining what our needs are. We aren’t clear about what the goal is, the tasks involved or what the desire outcome is. I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been told (on more than one occasion) that I can come across abrasive by both men and women. I do not wear this as a badge of honor. I don’t offer an excuse. I do offer an explanation. A clear and concise message does not allow for a gray area aka confusion. Just for the record, I do apologize when I offend and then I ask “But did you understand what I was trying to say?” As the sender, it is your job to make sure the listener understands what you are trying to convey. As the listener, it is your job to speak up and tell the sender if you aren’t getting it. This common courtesy magnifies tenfold when working in a large group. A lack of communication can be to the detriment of the collective goal which can lead to mistrust and confusion so use your 25,000 words wisely.

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