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Life Lessons I Learned From Cutting My Hair

Earlier this year I decided to do something different with my hair. Not just new style but something COMPLETELY different. Like cut it all off and wear my natural curly hair instead of wearing it relaxed, weaved and sometimes hidden under a wig. Up until the minute I picked up the scissors and cut off about 4 inches of my hair I had a multitude of excuses of why I procrastinated with my decision:

  • It’s too drastic of a change…
  • It will be too hard to manage…
  • What if I hate it…
  • What if my family and friends hate it…
  • I have no idea what I’m doing…

Take a minute and think about something that you know you need or want to change right now but you are giving yourself 3,000 excuses why you can’t. Excuse me sir or ma’am, you can make the change if it’s important to you. Here’s what I learned from cutting my hair:

  • Change is inevitable but growth from change is optional. Don’t get so caught up in the fear of change that you forget to take advantage of the possibility to grow.
  • Stop saying something too hard to do if you haven’t even tried it. Change is hard when we resist it or ignore it in hopes that it will go away. Change is going to come one way or the other. Stop resisting it.
  • You don’t know if you don’t like it if you don’t try it. That’s what my husband says when it comes to trying to new foods. Amazing how that same philosophy applies to life.
  • So what if your family and friends hate your decision? And for a point of clarity…if you have a solid board of directors, they are not going to discourage you…they will be CHEERING you on from the sidelines and ENCOURAGING you to succeed.
  • So what if you aren’t completely sure about what you are doing. Would you rather waste more time being stuck in the land of indecision or learning as you go along?

I played around with the thought of cutting my hair for months. I thought that it would look horrible. Come to find out, I get more compliments about my hair now that I ever did with relaxer hair, weaves or wigs. If you haven’t figured it out, it gave me a HUGE boost of confidence. The same holds true for writing my book. I procrastinated for months before I decided to write it. I had no idea the book would open the doors for me to host an annual conference, speak to audiences and encouraging them to use what they already have to be extraordinary and to serve as a life coach to people ready to face and embrace change. What if I ran away from the fear or second guessed myself? None of those opportunities would have been possible.

Stop procrastinating and do the one thing that you have always wanted to do. You will be amazed by what you learn about yourself.

P.S. My clients know that I’m completely transparent. I see no reason why I can’t be transparent with you. Here’s my natural hair journey in pictures from February 2015 to May 2015…


Big Chop Collage (3)

7 thoughts on “Life Lessons I Learned From Cutting My Hair

  1. You are rocking your return to ntural.
    How has your husband adjusted?

  2. You look beautiful. Enjoy the ride…

  3. Simply beautiful lady, and great story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. He’s come around. He’s not a fan of the twist out style and prefers my natural coils.

  5. I like it. More need to embrace the natural.

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