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Learning as I Go

There are some people who think that I’m pretty dang smart. Well little do they know most of the stuff that I know is through trial and error. I am notorious for researching a topic. So much so, that by the time I finish researching a topic (pick one – how to install tile, how to use WordPress, how to make and install a u-part wig), I’m so confident in my knowledge that I jump in head first into the project. Now, with all of that confidence comes a humbling period when I realize I have not a clue what I’m doing. Do I get upset? Nope, but I usually mumble something under my breath.

Learning as you go allows you practice what you have learned and make adjustments along the way. Mistakes are good. Mess up’s are good. Epic failure is okay (so is crying when it happens). I will need to remember this as I go through some pretty major projects like writing a book or two, losing weight and writing this blog.

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