Keynotes and Workshops

Work Your Package: Using What You Already Have To Be Extraordinary
Are you listening to your intuition when faced with tough decisions? Are you surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to be extraordinary? Do you have a plan for where you want to go and what you want to do? External influences can make you feel like you need to do and be more when you already have everything inside of them to be extraordinary. In this session, Ayanna will share strategies on how to embrace being the “total package” by:
• Listening to the “Little Birdie” – Following your intuition to make better decisions
• Having a Personal Board of Directors – Surrounding yourself with people who push you to do better
• Managing Your 168 – Recognizing what’s really keeping you from doing what needs to be done
• Creating a Mind-Mapped Action Plan – See your goals in a different way to create a better strategy for success

The Essentials of Project Management
The responsibility of managing simple and complex projects that can impact departments and sometimes an overall organization is no longer title or management-level specific. In this session, Ayanna will cover the basics of project management such as:
• Definition of a Project
• Tools to Keep Projects on Track, Identify Risks and Manage Change
• Developing a Communication Plan
• The Lifecycle of a Project
• Keys to Success

Capture. Create. Conceptualize: Mind Mapping to Organize the Genius Within
We’ve all done it…create a “to-do” list. We put everything on the list with hopes that we will complete it all and often times, we fall short. The goals and tasks aren’t the problems, it’s the way we look at them. Making a list focuses on and supports linear thinking which stifles the creative process. Mind mapping helps you see your goals in a different way to create a better strategy to achieve them. In this session, attendees will:
• Learn how mind mapping can increase productivity by allowing you to see the “big” picture.
• Understand how mind mapping can improve collaboration and communication within teams.
• Learn how to enhance project management and spark creativity when faced with new challenges.

You Are Your Brand
Personal branding is no longer for companies and celebrities. Having a solid personal brand can open unknown doors of opportunity both personally and professionally. Your personal show up the way you look and speak, actions and behaviors and the company you keep. In this session, attendees will:
• Learn how to recognize their strengths and valued character traits.
• Identify their cross-functioning skills.
• Learn the rules of reputation management.
• Create their own “about me” statement, not a bio.