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Jesse Williams Didn’t Need An Award


If you haven’t heard by now, Jesse Williams, an American actor, model, and activist, best known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on the ABC Television series Grey’s Anatomy set the entire stage of the BET Awards ablaze during his acceptance speech for receiving a humanitarian award. When the camera panned over to him during his introduction, the look of determination and “I can’t wait to get up on that stage” was imprinted on his face. He was so ready to speak that he didn’t even wait for the introductions to be over. He had heard enough of his accolades. He had heard enough of about what the general public already knew about him. He was busting at the seams and ready to speak his truth and the truth of so many others. He had been given an opportunity and a platform to speak and he didn’t want to waste a single minute. I’m convinced that his acceptance speech was not rehearsed. I’m convinced that if you ran into him on the street or saw him at the coffee shop and asked him how he feels about the racial divide and inequality in this country, his response would be just as intense and passionate, if not more.  At his core, he is an educator. He once shared in an interview that becoming an actor just kind of happened. Something tells me that that even if he was still a teacher, he still would have found a way for the world to hear his voice.  He is authentic in his truth and he doesn’t need validation from anyone to continue work for what he knows he was called to do.

Are you authentic in your truth? Are you looking for validation? Are you waiting for someone to give you an award to tell you that you are doing an amazing job at work, in your community, in your church or other organizations? Are you waiting for standing ovation? Are you waiting to trend on social media before you realize that what you are doing actually matters to those who are benefiting from your passion?

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