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I’m Freaking Out!

The 2nd Annual Work Your Package Women’s Conference is less than 80 days away and I have to tell you, my nerves are shot! I’m being 100% honest with you. The risk of putting your own money on the table to host a conference and then plan, pray, hope, pray some more, network, market and then pray again to get people to attend is nerve wracking. If you ever meet someone who hosts their own conference and they tell you it’s easy…turn around and walk away because they are lying. You are probably saying, “If it’s so nerve wracking, Ayanna, why are you doing it?” Well, I’m glad you asked. I’m hosting this conference and embracing all of the angst that goes along with planning a successful event because I truly believe that everyone has the capacity to be extraordinary when they are given the right tools. I’m not an expert on all of the different facets that make the “total package” but I have some pretty good connections who are experts and it’s that expertise I want to share with the attendees. I’m a serial conference attendee and I know what it’s like to feel like you are nothing more than a badge or registration number. I’ve decided to purposely keep the attendee/speaker ratio low because I want the attendees to have an opportunity to have meaningful interaction with each other and the speakers. That is what drives me, that is what inspires me to commit to hosting this conference year after year and soon…city after city.

Working Your Package™ is the act of making a conscious decision to acknowledge you are unique and only you can deliver the special gift you were created to share with others. Are you headed in the direction of fulfilling your purpose or do you need to make some changes so that you can live your life authentically? Register today at

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  1. Girlie Girl! You are going to get those nerves and possibly some new ones everytime you plan this wonderful event! I can’t wait to attend again – yes I’m in need of yet another push! So get it together, breathe and lets get this show on the road! I know one day soon I’ll be laying around watching TV (don’t judge me :)) and this commercial will fly across my screen “Work Your Package” coming to your city this summer – go to for 2015-2016 dates and locations! So get nerves and get moving! 🙂

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