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How Simple Life Can Really Be

There’s a lot on my plate these days so here’s a post from a guest blogger aka my baby brother, Darian Mobley…

Things seem to be so complicated and stressful, but why? Is it all so overwhelming or is that what you are making it? When the instruction list four steps, do you take six? Have your prioritized your life? Once you make that list, look at it then check off what has been taken care of. Family, health, finance and your children’s safety should be everybody’s top three. After that, what is worth stressing or going crazy over? Be real and realize what you really need in your life. Once you do that, everything else will fall into place. Analyze your wants and you will probably see how unimportant they are. Some are necessary because they help keep your sanity. So you must prioritize your wants also.

While you simplify your life remember to humble yourself. Be honest with yourself because nobody knows what you need better than you. Never forget how strong you are and what you are capable of. Life can be so much easier when you just take the time to simplify. Do you really need this? Does this person’s opinion really matter? Are my wants meaningless? Do I give what I want from people? Like I said, be honest with yourself, it leads to a greater knowledge of self. When you truly know yourself you’ll be able to simplify your life much easier. Remember happiness starts within you before it hits your life and family. I hope that my idea of simplifying your life makes sense. I’ve done it (hell, I had no choice) and found that I was worrying about things that really held no weight in my life. Losing that negative weight is uplifting and mentally healthy. I think if you sit down with a pend and a pad and make a list of what’s truly important, you’ll see that all that other stuff is irrelevant. Simply and stick to your new game plan. Love more and stress less.

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