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Following Your Dreams Doesn’t Mean Leaving Common Sense Behind


I’ve seen a dangerous trend among some “entrepreneurial experts” who say if you want something bad enough, you will sacrifice it all to get it. They say that if you want it bad enough, you will lose sleep, lose friends and run the risk of being called crazy all while you chase your dream. Some of them may tell you that in order to really pursue your dream, you should walk away from your good paying job (with benefits) because you can’t possibly do both. Either go hard or don’t do it at all. Excuse me for two seconds as I roll my eyes and suck my teeth. While everyone has a different journey, being an entrepreneur full-time is hard work that can lead to heart-break, divorce and financial ruin if you don’t prepare and have a plan in place. Let’s be honest, all the passion and determination in the world isn’t going to pay your mortgage, light or water bill. It won’t keep your family fed or clothes on your back. While some may think they are setting a great example and telling a great story about risking it all and chasing their dreams… all they are doing is showing a lack of common sense and reckless behavior. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Don’t do it because you see everyone else doing it. I’m not doubting anyone’s capabilities, however entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody. Be true to yourself.

Chase your dreams and pursue your passion…just don’t forget to take common sense with you.

With love,

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