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Executive Board


Whether you call it an inner circle or advisory board…everyone should have one. Decisions are hard to make and sometimes mistakes can be too embarrassing to learn a lesson from. But when you are honest in your pursuit of being a better version of yourself, having a group of people who have your best interest at heart is invaluable. They are the people who push you a little further beyond your comfort level. They challenge your thought process. They make you see things from a different perspective. They hold you accountable for the plans you make and they encourage you when your plans don’t work out as planned. A good advisory board consists of both male and female members and will not have the bobble head syndrome (saying yes to everything you say) nor will they belittle you in any way. You know have the perfect mix when each person plays a specific role that highlights the strengths of their individual personalities.

For example, my husband is a naysayer. It’s not a bad thing but his immediate response to most things is “No, the reason why that won’t work is….” In the beginning it drove me nuts. Couldn’t stand it. Hated it. Now, 15 years later I’m glad he’s a naysayer. Why? Because if I can still stand by my idea or thought process after he’s finished, then I’m married to that idea and I’m not going to abandon it no matter what anyone else says.   He forces me to look at every aspect my idea and find the possible pitfalls. In my opinion, it is extremely helpful.

Another example is one of my sisterfriends who must have been separated from me at birth. She is my cheerleader, my supporter, my shoulder and my ear. There isn’t a silly idea or thought that I haven’t bounced off of her. Here’s the interesting thing, she does not automatically say, “That’s a good idea!” rather she asks, “What do you think you should do? How long do you think it will take? Is going to cost you a lot of money?” Her questions push me to go beyond the initial thought of “Oh that looks like fun!”

So here’s the round up of my Executive Board…Naysayer, Cheerleader, Reality Check, Humorist, Protector, Professional/Workplace Coach, Prayer Warrior, Strategic Planner and Image Consultant. Some members play two roles. Some positions have two or three people who rotate through and take turns. No matter what the composition of the board at any given time, I always feel that there is someone I can go to. And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

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