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Everything is not for Everybody

I have a tendency to second guess myself. Not just my actions but my non-action as well. When I have great ideas in my head and do nothing with them I am my greatest critic and begin to fall into what I call Success Envy. Envious of the people who seem to have it all together. Envious of the people who can plan and execute the ideas in their head without a hiccup or pause. In the midst of this Success Envy, I lose sight of my accomplishments and my skill set and totally forget that everything isn’t for everybody.

Everywhere you look someone is starting their own business, losing 50 pounds or making a drastic life change. And there you are, working in Corporate America, craving a Big Mac and resisting the urge to run away from home. Facebook is the biggest culprit and enabler of Success Envy. Perfectly curated photos and status updates depict flawless lives far removed from the reality of day to day life. When I find myself questioning my own happiness and success based on the social media presence of others, I do a reality check. Two healthy kids. Check. Lovable husband. Check. Silly, neurotic old dog. Check. A roof over my head, a job with benefits, friends, and family that love me. Check. Check. Check.

Everything is not for everybody. Appreciation for what you have doesn’t mean turning away from your dreams. It means focusing on what is best for you while you work towards them.

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