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Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Sometime ago, a very good friend posted a message on Facebook that instantly made my blood boil. To summarize, she received a message from a health and wellness professional implying her message of empowerment for women wouldn’t be taken seriously because she was fuller figured woman. Um, excuse me? My immediate reaction was anger followed by disbelief and then sadness. It is a disappointment to know people view the body you are in and then determine, often incorrectly, your level of influence or success. My friend is an exceptional woman, extraordinary in the space she occupies and has a proven track record of empowering thousands of women across the country. Her size should not matter. A person’s physical image should never be an indication of what value they can bring to someone’s life. I don’t care if you are plus size or model thin, if you have an authentic message that will uplift someone else, you are okay in my book.

Likewise, success is self-defined. If you accomplish a task you once thought impossible…that’s success for you. To put it in perspective, someone who runs ten marathons a year can’t tell you that running your first 5K isn’t a success…especially if you never ran before. Kudos to your co-worker that lost 100 pounds over the course of a year but I want and need you to celebrate the 5 pounds you’ve lost in the past two months. Yes it may seem like everyone is getting an advanced degree but you have 20 solid years professional of experience they could never learn in a book. Define success for yourself and then celebrate it every chance you get while loving the skin you are in.

Until next time, continue to Work Your Package…

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