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Do What You Love Without Worrying About Getting Paid For It

I had dinner the other day with a very good friend who expressed they were feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied with their job. They have worked for the same company for the last 25 years and the company is going through some management style changes that aren’t necessarily in the best interest of the employees. My friend is frustrated to see the company go through such a drastic changes and is thoroughly annoyed with having to do more with less. They expressed regret for not furthering their education and now they feel they are stuck in a profession they no longer enjoy. As I sat there listening to my friend, I thought about how I used expect the company I’m employed by to fulfill me. Before you say it, I already know the famous Steve Jobs quote, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” That sounds great for someone just starting out in their career but for someone who has invested 25 years of their life in a company and has a family to support, settling is not a bad thing. It’s responsible. (Click here to read: Five Reasons to Ignore the Advice for Do What You Love)

I asked my friend what would they like to do instead and they said they would love to be a photographer. I’ve seen their pictures and I think they take excellent photographs. So I continued to ask questions…what’s stopping you? Their response is what triggered this post….”I’m scared.” I kept pressing…scared of what? “Scared that I won’t be able to make enough money doing photography to support my family.” Here’s where my tough-love-don’t-give-me-that-crap kicked in. In a nutshell I told my friend that it is not written anywhere that they had to quit their good, well paying job (albeit frustrating at the moment) to become a full-time photographer. Do it because you love it. Do it because it makes you smile. Do it because you lose track of time researching different photography techniques. Do it because it makes you happy.

I shared with my friend that releasing my corporate job from the responsibility of making me happy was the best thing I could have done and I wish I had done it sooner. Writing this blog, being an active member of IAAP, writing a book, dreaming about writing a second book, volunteering for activities my kids are involved in, hosting girls night in for my girlfriends, spending time with people who make me smile and think deeper…those are the things that bring me joy and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, my paycheck, medical and retirement benefits are nothing to sneeze at.  However, in the midst of feeling overwhelmed at work with the political red tape and “every man for themselves” mentality, it’s the thoughts of where I want the characters in my book to go and how cute my girls will be in their Girl Scout uniforms that bring a smile to my face. No job can do that and I stopped expecting it to. I write this blog in my free time. I work on my book after my girls are sleep. I make arrangements with my husband in order to attend IAAP meetings. If any of my interests eventually make money, then it will be the icing on the cake. For right now, I’m doing what makes me happy.  I encouraged my friend to do the same. My friend shared they would contact another photographer to see if they could shadow them at an event and maybe offer free family portraits to friends just to get their feet wet.  At the end of our conversation my friend thanked me for tough love and for listening.  No thanks necessary, just encouraging another talented person to “work their package“…

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  1. Ayanna Mobley Castro this was so beautiful and inspirational. I am so very proud of you and blessed by you sharing this. Well written too, if I may add. You continue to be a wonderful friend and I am grateful to be in the midst of your circle. ACCOLADES and Cheers.

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