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Countdown to 2017


There are only 38 days before the start of a new year. Now before you start to have either panic (Where the heck did the year go?) or regret (I can’t believe the year is almost over and I still haven’t reached my goal) take a minute to reflect on everything that you DID accomplish. It’s one of the reasons why I keep a paper calendar. I can flip back at look at each month and see all the badassery I’ve accomplished over the year. Professional development? Check. Personal Growth (even when it was painful). Check and check. Write more chapters for my soon to be released fictional novel? Check. Host the 3rd annual Work Your Package Women’s Conference? Check. Reserve dates for WYP2017? CHECK!!! (Early registration starts on December 7).

My new year starts on my birthday and I already have several goals that I want to accomplish by next year. My planner for next year is already looking like a rainbow with all the color coding. Next up is my favorite activity…mind mapping.

So how do you get ready for 2017? Here are some strategies from Michael Hyatt, author of “Achieve What Matters in 2017 – 8 Strategies Super-Successful People Are Using Now To Accomplish Next Year”:

  1. Reflect on the past year – John Maxwell spends a week reviewing the current year calendar and determines what he needs to focus on in the coming year. Tony Robbins keeps record of “accomplishments and magical moments” and reviews them at the end of the year.
  2. Stay positive – Jeff Walker reviews all of his wins stating that we often don’t realize how much progress we make throughout the year. Andy Andrews take moment to reflect and then has a forgiveness session to forgive others and himself.
  3. Express gratitude – Ray Edwards said he starts preparing with “a gratitude flood.” In a journal he writes down every good thing he can remember from the past year. In that state of total gratitude he then asks, ‘What do I most want to be thankful for one year from now?’  He writes the answer down, and it becomes a focus for the new year.
  4. Eliminate the excess – Eliminate at least 30% of projects, commitments and activities from the previous year according to Ray Edwards. Derek Halpern has a more ruthless approach by reviewing the previous year and deciding what he won’t do in the upcoming year. He doesn’t eliminate the things he hates, he eliminates what he loves but isn’t delivering the results he wants.
  5. Set compelling goals – Set goals that harness your emotional energy. In other words, not only do you need to know what you want to do, you need to know WHY you want to do it. Dave Ramsey said: “I have to intentionally stop and dream again. What can I work on next year that makes me smile? Then my mind automatically moves from the strategic to the tactical. In detail—how can I organize my work and my life to do the things that cause that same smile?”
  6. Break it down – Take your goals and break them down into manageable chunks. Lysa TerKeurst breaks her goals down into three categories: giving, family, and personal development.
  7. Schedule the year – What gets scheduled gets done and scheduling also protects your time. Here’s the reality: Everyone has an agenda. If you don’t declare yours by calendaring what’s what important to you, others will try to fit you into their agenda. Marie Forleo blocks out calendar time for the important stuff like vacations, fun and time off and major business and creative projects.
  8. Unplug for a time – Use those vacation days, take a mental health day, get a massage, take time to enjoy cup of coffee or tea. Stepping away from everything allows you to refresh and renew your commitment to your goals.

How are you preparing for 2017? Please share your tips in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

With love,

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