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You’re Writing a Book?

That was the response I received from many people when I told them I was writing a book. The book that I’ve been writing for the past eight years. The book that I diligently (well not that diligently) write chapters for on a mostly weekly basis. Sometimes the response is complete shock. Sometimes its complete admiration. Either way, I started telling people about the book so that they would keep asking me the million dollar question…So have you finished your book? It keeps the pressure on me to keep writing and to keep developing the story line and characters. It wasn’t my aspiration when I was younger to be an author, but now that I’ve started to share what I’m doing, it is a goal that I must see to completion.

Writing is stretching me creativity in a way that I’m not accustomed but its becoming familiar. I actually like doing the research involved for the book to make sure that when someone reads it, my words are so descriptive, it takes them to the location I’m writing about.  The more I write, the more I tune into my inner voice, the voice that I hush and tell to be quiet when I’m having a conversation with someone. The voice that just wants to say what is on her mind without hesitation or reservations.  When I’m stuck for the “right” words to say, my inner voice gives me an entire dialog that I wouldn’t have thought of.  I salute all of the writers who write on a daily basis. I wish I had that luxury. I’ve often thought about getting a modified work schedule so that I could have a day off during the week to focus solely on writing. But until that becomes a reality, I steal away a few hours here and there while I take care of work, home, kids, husband, friends and family. I’m dead last on that list and my inner voice is pissed about it because she has so much to say…