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Be Careful What You Wish For

A few weekends ago I attended the DE-MD-DC Division Spring Education & Certification Conference. On the second day, I had the fortunate luck to sit next to one of my favorite people, Kemetia Foley (check out her blog: During our conversation, I casually mentioned that I wanted practice public speaking more.  Although many people do not believe me, I suffer from stage fright. I don’t like speaking in front of people, but my passion about the message does a great job of masking my nervousness. At the end of the conference, Kemetia gave me two dates. I looked at her in utter confusion and she tells me to hold the dates because one of them will be the Fall Education Conference that will be hosted by the Old Dominion Chapter of IAAP in September. I must of looked like a deer caught in headlights because she calmly said, “You said you wanted more opportunities to speak. So here you go. You pick the topic”. Knowing Kemetia as I do, I firmly believe that she would not have offered me this opportunity if she didn’t believe that I could do it.

“Whenever my subconscious thoughts manifest themselves without outward solicitation, I become more confident the path I’ve been following is filled with purpose.” ~ Ayanna T. Castro

I verbalized the desire to do more public speaking but I never expected the opportunity to present itself almost immediately.  The old saying is true, “Be careful what you wish for because it might just come true.”

What are you asking for? Most importantly, if you receive it are you ready to meet the challenges that might come with it?



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Learning as I Go

There are some people who think that I’m pretty dang smart. Well little do they know most of the stuff that I know is through trial and error. I am notorious for researching a topic. So much so, that by the time I finish researching a topic (pick one – how to install tile, how to use WordPress, how to make and install a u-part wig), I’m so confident in my knowledge that I jump in head first into the project. Now, with all of that confidence comes a humbling period when I realize I have not a clue what I’m doing. Do I get upset? Nope, but I usually mumble something under my breath.

Learning as you go allows you practice what you have learned and make adjustments along the way. Mistakes are good. Mess up’s are good. Epic failure is okay (so is crying when it happens). I will need to remember this as I go through some pretty major projects like writing a book or two, losing weight and writing this blog.

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Swift Kick in the Pants

There are times when you are in a room with a bunch of people who know you casually but yet they see something in you that you insist on ignoring. When they all tell you what you are ignoring, I like to call it a “swift kick in the pants” moment. Encouragement from people who you see maybe two or three times a year that causes you to be uncomfortable because they are telling you that you are capable of the very same thing you are doubting yourself about. Every now and then, you need one of those kicks…square in the pants. Don’t say “ouch”, just turn around, give them a hug and say “Thank you”.