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Being Extraordinary Requires Stamina


About a week ago, I made a promise to myself to walk up as many flight of stairs as possible everyday. There is a total of 28 flights of stairs that I’m determined to climb throughout the day. Until I made that commitment, I was complaining about my weight and eating a cupcake. The decision to walk up the stairs didn’t require a lot of deliberation on my part. The truth is, it was easier to sit at my desk and complain than take off my pumps, lace up my sneakers and do something.

Sitting is easier than standing.

Standing is easier than walking.

Walking is easier than running.

Because running requires stamina.

It’s easy to be mediocre. It’s easy to stay comfortable and settle. It’s easy to stay still rather than move forward and face the unfamiliar. To be extraordinary and going after your dreams requires stamina. The journey to being extraordinary is a marathon. To be a trail blazer, a thought leader, an icon, a legend, a role model requires you to push beyond being comfortable.

What are you literally and figuratively sitting on? What opportunity are you missing because you are too afraid to get out of your seat? You have everything you need to be extraordinary. You just have to get out of your seat…

With love,

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