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Are You Listening To Yourself?

Whenever a friend is having a day from hell, are you the person that they call when they need either a swift kick in the butt or some inspiring and soothing words? Much the joy and annoyance of my family and friends I happen to provide both types of support. But be clear, I’m a hypocrite because I don’t take one ounce of my own advice.

In one of my blog posts from 2013, I encouraged women to Take The Cape Off. Not only have I not listened to myself, I’ve ignored just about every person who has the audacity to repeat my own words back to me. Oh hush, I know I don’t need to take on anything else. Yeah Yeah, I know I look stressed out but really, I’m okay. Lies, foolishness and shenanigans. Every. Single. Word.

But today, I’m going to listen to myself because what I wrote in 2013 still applies today. My house, family, job, blog or relationships will not fall into ruin if I take some time for myself. I hope you enjoy the post.

Stop ignoring the little birdie. Sit down long enough to hear what it (you) have to have to say.

With love,

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