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Answer the door…Opportunity is Knocking


When an awesome opportunity comes your way, what is your initial response?

Is it fear? OMG!!! What!?!?!

Is it doubt?  No way in the world am I supposed to be here.

Is it skepticism? They must want something from me. What’s the catch?

Or do you look at opportunities as a way to show your talents? Do you embrace opportunity as a way to give to others or display servant leadership? Do you honestly believe you deserve the opportunity?  Do believe you were born for that moment when you received that call, text or email telling you that all the work you have done, often unnoticed or unappreciated, had finally paid off?

Missed opportunities are the parents of regret and a lifetime of “what if’s”.  Opportunity doesn’t have a tendency to knock twice. Even if you don’t know the “how” embrace the “now”, learn as you go and enjoy the journey.

With love,

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