Victory Ram

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Victory Ram is a female entrepreneur who is on an international mission to empower others to rock their own world! Having already published her first book on Amazon and being the founder of two other successful businesses, Victory is leading the way when it comes to educating others about the importance of personal empowerment and defining success in your own terms.
Victory started in entrepreneurship at the age of 18, when she began coaching and consulting young women in pageants, helping them to develop the interview skills and confidence necessary to not only capture the crown, but to also be victorious in everything that they do. Her company, Be Victorious Prep, has helped young women across the country win 80+ local, state, national, and international awards and titles in the pageant. She also advises young women on dressing for success, public speaking, acting, modeling, and talent development. More specifically, Victory is taking her 13+ years as a pageant competitor, model and actress, national pageant winner, pageant judge and coach to an entirely new level as the founder of the International Empowerment Academy and Victory Ram Empowerment Coaching. She is also currently the Business Director of the Miss Baltimore, Miss Annapolis, and Miss Anne Arundel County Scholarship Pageants, official local preliminaries of the Miss America Organization, having been Miss Baltimore, herself, in 2012. She also launched The Bravado Boutique in 2014 to better serve her pageant and image clients.
With a Masters degree in Communications and Public Relations and her Bachelors in Political Science and International Relations, Victory is set to make an international impact, empowering the hearts and minds of millions, for years to come.