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Why Not You?


“Why me???”

I’m going to answer that with another question. Why not you?  Maybe you are in the exact place you need to be in order to become who you are destined to be.

During this holiday season and everyday afterward, be thankful for the challenges you have and will face and overcome. Because of those challenges, you are not the same person you were when this year started. I’m willing to bet you are stronger and wiser despite some sleepless nights and some tears. Be thankful for all of the “no’s” you heard from the people who will never be able to see your worth and the doors that remained closed. The “no’s” gave you an opportunity to find a better way to fulfill your dreams. Maybe the “one more thing” you thought needed to help you manifest your dreams wasn’t on the other side of the door but at the end of the hallway.

You are unique, the missing piece to someone’s puzzle, the bright spot in a vast darkness, a motivating thought and a force of nature. Why you? Honey, why not you?

With love,

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Leadership Is Not A Title

One of the lessons I learned when I started working in corporate America was the moment you have to tell someone your title, it becomes irrelevant. The minute you preference a statement or a question with your title in an attempt to intimidate someone you believe is “lower” than you, you lose all credibility. During my 20+ years of professional experience, I’ve encountered many executives that felt the need to “remind” someone of their title. I still remain unimpressed by titles. I’m more concerned if you are ethical and fair in your dealings with your staff, counterparts and customers. I watch how you interact with the cleaning staff in the evening and if you say thank you to the IT guys who have, for the fifth time this week, saved you from easing all of your data.


True leaders don’t go around telling others that they are leaders. True leaders are the people who inspire you to do better, be better and achieve more. True leaders lead by providing a positive example for others to follow. I read a post from Michael Hyatt awhile ago and he gave these twelve ways to know if you are a leader:

  1. You long to make a difference.
  2. You’re discontent and dissatisfied with the status quo.
  3. You’re not waiting on a bigger staff or more resources to accomplish your vision.
  4. Your dreams are so big they seem impossible.
  5. You acknowledge what is but inevitably ask, “What could be?”
  6. You realize that you don’t have to be in charge to have significant influence.
  7. You refuse to blame others for your circumstances and take responsibility for finding solutions.
  8. You foster unity by bringing people together and encouraging dialogue.
  9. You are quick to say, “I messed up. Here’s what I am going to do to fix the problem I created.”
  10. You value relationships more than tasks.
  11. You walk your talk—not perfectly but sincerely and intentionally.
  12. You are a learner. You read, listen to podcasts, attend conferences, and ask other leaders lots of questions.

Are you a leader?

With love,

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How You Feel About Me Is None Of My Business

Just when you think you are doing a good, no great job someone comes along and tells you that you aren’t valued for the work that you do. When you have made sacrifices and shifted priorities for the sake of producing quality work only to be told you are not valued…it is enough to make you throw up your hands and say “screw it”. This scenario can play out anywhere… at home, at work as an employee and entrepreneur and in community organizations.


So what do you do when you feel like your best is not enough? Remember this…How others feel about you is NONE of your business. A diamond does not become less valuable because some people prefer pearls. A classic Shelby Mustang does not become less valuable because some people prefer imports. It’s awesome to be adored and fawned over and told how great you are, but the truth is, there will come a time when you will not be told you are a great parent, spouse or child. You won’t be hailed as the next best thing to sliced bread at work. You cease to be the golden child in your community organization. You will face opposition and moments when you question why you even bother working hard. It is in those moments when you will have to remind yourself that your value is not based on someone else’s opinion. Do not stop being the outstanding, excellent, magnificent and extraordinary person that you are just because some schmuck doesn’t see your value.

With love,

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Work Your Package Women’s Conference 2016 | September 30 – October 2, 2016

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Lessons Learned from The Resilient Assistant (Hint…It’s Not Just for Assistants)

Resilient Assistant

Last week I had the honor of being in the room with 249 brilliant, dedicated and dare I say, resilient administrative professionals. The speakers were tasked to share different strategies in resiliency. Here’s what I learned from some of the speakers:

When you experience a setback, come back stronger.

When I think about every time I wanted to throw my hands up in defeat, the very act of getting off the floor made me stronger. We have all faced some obstacles, that in the moment, appeared impossible to overcome. The moment you make the decision not to quit, is the moment you become stronger than you were before.

If you don’t lose something, you might never know what else can be created.

When you let go of the idea that losing is bad, you can embrace the idea that you are making space for something new and possibly better. MUCH better.

We are not entitled to easy.

You are going to face some challenges. You are going to stumble on some hurdles. Who told you that this thing called life was going to be easy? Instead of asking, “Why me?” declare “Why not me!” Nothing worth having often comes easy.

You can’t ride two horses with one behind.

Simply put, you can’t focus on two things at the same time. Either you are going forward or you are going to stay still. You can’t say you want more but give excuses why you can’t achieve it.

We are who we are because that is who we are supposed to be.

This one really spoke to me. There are times that I question myself and the woman I’ve become. I have a quirky personality that loves serving others but needs to have solitude. I’m an introvert with an outgoing personality and that can cause some confusion until I explain, “It’s not you, it’s me. I need some space.” What I have come to realize is that because of my nature to serve, it is also necessary for me to have time to regroup and recharge so that I can give 100% the people I love and serve. I’m exactly who I am supposed to be.


You don’t know what you are capable of if you don’t try.

I’m still working on my facial expressions whenever people express doubt in their capabilities to me. I usually take a deep breath and ask, “Sweetie, have you tried it yet? No? Then don’t sit there and tell me it can’t be done.” There are so many things that I didn’t think I was capable of until I tried. Even when you are terrified at the possibility of failing, DO IT ANYWAY. You might surprise yourself and exceed your dreams.

With love,

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